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Presidents appeal

Dear Sirs!

    Let me draw your attention on the products of INCOTEX Electronics Group. This company produces wide range of energy meters starting from simple domestic single-phase to industrial three-phase capable not only to register but also to transmit data in real-time mode to consumer. All goods produced with high technical and scientific level, combining modern design and functionality. It makes possible to consider Incotex Co. Ltd. as the leader on such kind of measuring equipment market..

    INCOTEX Electronics Group is a part of big electronic Holding INCOTEX, focused on great number of electronic products including cash registers, POS, printers, scales, active energy meters and automated energy resources control and registration systems (AMR) based on PLC technology, full-color and monochrome plasma and LED screens and boards, displays like running line, etc.

    Products of INCOTEX Electronics Group. are in stable demand among energy specialists. I hope this web site will help you to get your bearings in product line if the company and find solution for your tasks. From our side well be pleased to see you among our permanent and reliable business partners.

Best regards,
President of INCOTEX Holding
Dr. Y.Sokolov, PhD

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